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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Me and my Depression

Well since i last wrote a blog post, I've had a few good days but also a few bad ones.
I didn't move out of the house or even get dressed i just stayed in my pyjamas for 3 days.
Yes i no its not good but i could not snap out of the way i was feeling, i didn't eat or see anyone as the children were away with family.
But i have had a few good days where i've actually got up, made an effort, cleaned and been out seen a few friends.

But tonight for some reason i feel all fidgety and cannot sleep.
I've had a bath, tried lying down a bit of reading and a hot drink but still nothing.
I've also got myself a penpal who im looking forward to swapping letters with.

Im still taking my tablets and although im having good and bad days i do feel as though they are helping, I've also started to keep a diary of how im feeling, what i have done that day which is good i sopose.

It's half term here next week so i plan on doing something with the kids which involves getting out and jumping on a train somewhere. well i hope too.

Anyway im off to try and get some sleep as i need to be up for 7am.

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  1. Don't beat yourself up about the "bad" pyjama days. You need to give yourself permission to have them, accept them as well as the good days or you will end up feeling worse with yourself. Take one day at a time. Depression is an illness, just as valid as a broken leg. We don't expect people with broken limbs to just get up and get on with it, we accept a period of healing is needed, so it should be with depression