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Thursday, 30 January 2014


I haven't felt like my normal happy go lucky self now for a few months.
Friends and family have tried to cheer me up with no luck.
It got to the stage where i stayed in my pyjamas for days, i didn't want to leave the house and just let the house get a total mess.

So last week i went to the doctors and got some antidepressants,  i was also offered the chance to go and talk to someone, but im not very good at opening up so decided against this.

So far i still feel low and not myself but the doctor did say they take 2-4weeks to start working.

Depression can effect you in many ways and effects each person differently. Their are also various causes.
With mine im feeling low all the time, im always tierd and feeling drained and stressed all the time.
I can see and feel the differance in me and i hate it. i hate how i feel and hate how it may effect my children.

Sorry for the depressing boring post, but im hoping that if i blog about how im feeling and whats going through my mind and so forth that it may help in some way.

I would be really greatful if any of my followers or anyone who reads this post have any tips ans hints on what to do, ways to try and help myself feel better.

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  1. Ugh, my sympathies x
    Once the tablets kick in try and make some time for you - even just a 15 minute walk on your own a few times a week. I know that's a tall order but you need to look after yourself to be able to look after your babes x

  2. thank you. i no i need sort myself out and will give that ago xx

  3. How are you feeling now, any better?